Wednesday, 13 October 2010

About Me

 For my 1st post I thought I'd expand a little on the About Me box over there on the right. This will probably be the longest post you ever have to read. Pictures only in future.....I promise!!

Before picking up my pencils again, I'd been working as a Strength & Conditioning coach, but I decided to trade in my agility ladders and hurdles and buy an up-to-date computer.
The coal-fired PC I had been using for many years was humanely put to sleep and I buried it in a small shoebox, in the garden.
I planted a tree as a mark of remembrance, but the dog was always standing beside it on 3 legs!! Not sure why, but I think it might be a canine mark of respect. Some form of doggy salute maybe!!

Anyway..........I tried out all the various free graphics programs around while I filled my piggy bank to save up for Painter & Photoshop.
Sadly for the piggy, he soon felt the blunt end of my hammer and off to market I ran, coins (& notes) in hand!!
After buying the software from a visiting trader from the planet Phartgasm, I ran all the way home, passing through every puddle in order to douse the flames from my feet.
I stopped off at the stall of a magazine trader to pick up a copy of ImagineFX. What an inspiration!!
Mentioned in the magazine was a wondrous device called a graphics tablet. I had to get one of these, so the saving began again!!
Another piggy met my hammer and off to the pharmacy I went. The alchemist had never heard of Wacom so he sent me from his tent with a clip round the ear.
After wandering round the market for hours, I finally saw a trader selling an A4 Intuos 3 Wacom tablet.
I didn't have enough money so I included my camel,  a tauntaun, 2 Jawa's and next door's chihuahua in the deal.
Sold to the boy with the empty petting zoo!
Now I can pack away the mouse and paint with this pen.

Modern computer - CHECK!!
Wacom tablet - CHECK!!
Graphics software - CHECK!!
Assorted pencils - CHECK!!
Sketchbooks - CHECK!!
ImagineFX magazine - CHECK!! 

OK....Let's get this art journey under way..........

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