Friday, 18 March 2011

Twice in 1 week!!

My 2nd post of the week!! Here's a couple more of my more recent wips, 'The Arena' and 'Castle Mountain'.

 Thanks to Clare, my partner, for posing as the warrior with our trusty broom handle as her poleaxe.
The Arena started off without a character and the wip looked terribly empty. We needed some drama so I added a warrior and an opponent. Not your usual highly muscled male  warrior though, but a (hopefully) feminine ass-kicker.

I learned the valuable lesson of 'less is more' with the Castle Mountain wip and I literally spent days painting up this intricate castle with all the bells and whistles. 
I had my doubts about it, so I asked my partner and daughter what they thought of the castle and both agreed that it was too detailed. 
What I REALLY wanted for the background was a castle that evoked a sense of vastness, so I spent 30mins or so slinging my brush around Photoshop, and this was the result.

Hope you like them and thanks for looking!!

Now that my hibernation is over I'd better get out and dig up the hazelnuts I buried for the winter.


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